zaman Jepun dulu

zaman Jepun dulu
abang2 dan akak2 ALUMNI 2009 (alumni paling ohhhsome)

zaman maju daa ~~

zaman maju daa ~~
doakan kami STRAIGHT A'S SPM 2013 .AMIIN..(lebih2 lagi tuannye ni la)


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Love of a child to his late father

Assalamualaikum guys, i just finished my thinking skills class, soooooo....

it was a shocked to knew that my madam actually is the one who his husband had passed away last year..yeah and i remember last year my ustzah whatapp our group to recite al fatihah to one of CFS lecturer, that is our madam's husband that had passed away.. i thought she around 40-42 something..

We were learnt critical and creative thinking,afther this and that questions,she asked our opinion to help her solve her problem..

'I just lost my husband last year..he passed away * everybody faces shocked* sooooo.. my son lately keep asking me where can he meet his father which had dead..i keep telling him he will meet him in Heaven one day if he make a good attitudes and so on..but he keep asking the question..actually,he not keep asking thus question before but lately the question keep coming'

'So this morning i sent him to kindergarten ..every kids there,their fathers sent them to kindergarten but not my son..but he was ok..sudenly my daughter at thr back is asked her why she crying,she said 'kesian adik org lain semua ada ayah,adik xde'' ..

Madam keep thinking about her childrens.. she told us a few sad stories bout her son..and her husband characteristics..make us sad.. 😢 i always imagine how i going to handle this situatuon if this thing happen to me..

Hey come on..the three years old kid can be strong..why i cant be the same?😭😭😭

Al fatihah to allahyarham

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